Saturday, 30 January 2010

Keeping fit ... and rest too!

So, aside from everything MS related, my life is pretty hectic at the minute. Our wedding is less than five weeks away and while the majority of the organising is finished, there's still 'stuff' to be done!

As I write my intended is partying in Barcelona with a bevvy of his mates and I'm taking the chance to catch up on some rest and take it easy. It's no surprise to find that I'm holed up at my parents ... no better place to chill out.

But on a serious note, rest is something I have to take seriously. Fatigue is a symptom of MS that raises its head when you least expect, or need, it. With my own hen weekend starting on Friday and the honeymoon just over six weeks away I want to be in the best possible shape so that I can enjoy everything wedding related - and the big day itself of course :)

Thankfully, my feet are almost back to 100%. I have no difficulty walking at the minute and aside from some sensitivity they're behaving okay. I'm also going part-time at work on Monday which will be a real help in keeping any tiredness at bay.

I've also started working out at a gym. My instructor has helped devise a plan that allows me to keep off my feet for the majority of my 40 minute workout and I'm actually really enjoying the process. It's true that keeping fit is something everybody needs to consider in order to keep healthy but with MS playing a role in my life now, it's something I've decided to prioritise. After all, if I look after my body the best I can when it's well, there's a chance that I'll be better placed to keep on top of the MS in the long-term too.

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