Monday, 5 November 2012

Pregnancy and MS video for MS Society

My gorgeous baby girl will be two this Sunday, and she definitely isn't a baby any more. In fact, she has become a wee woman over the last month, chatting away, showing us who's boss and generally, full of fun.
There have been some temper tantrums to deal with ... but everyone talks about the terrible two's and I'm hoping that they don't last much longer!
It feels like yesterday when I was heavily pregnant with her and being filmed for the MS Society's Pregnancy and MS information video. In fact, three hours after the guys left my waters broke and Charlotte was born the very next day, a whole three days early.
They returned last year, as Charlotte turned one, and completed the filming, giving a more rounded view of what it's like for women with MS who decide to have children.
I had always hoped that the video would help others see that having MS doesn't mean you can't have kids. If anything, I wanted people to see that having MS wasn't stopping me from living the life I had always hoped for.
Yes, it was tough at times, and still can be, but what mother doesn't find parenthood hard going? 
I was very conscious that this was MY story, and therefore couldn't reflect the entire MS community, but I still believe that doing the film was the right decision. I have had great feedback on Facebook and Twitter and the film is something that I am very proud of.
It's available to view here ....