Monday, 20 September 2010

8 weeks and counting ...

The birth of the baby is fast approaching - just 8 weeks to go!! - so we have brought the pram home (I swear it needs two months to get used to all the buttons and gadgets!) and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our nursery furniture.

I cannot wait to get all the little white and 'neutral' clothes washed, ironed and hung up in the cute wardrobe we've ordered. But before all of that I really need to think about getting my 'bag' packed. My mum is convinced I'll never go to full-term (I'm not THAT big, honest) - but it's better to be safe rather than sorry, especially as I could never trust J, as brilliant as he is, to pack all the right stuff under pressure! I can just see myself mid-contraction screaming, 'No, not that pair, I need my fancy slippers!'

Aside from all the excitement this baby-growing lark is hard work. I've been getting really tired lately, which everyone warned me would hit around this time, and I find myself wanting to sleep in the middle of the day. But it's also a time when the baby's movements are really pronounced - I get kicks all day and find little body parts digging up under my ribs at night - which is the most unbelievable (and sometimes uncomfortable!!) feeling in the world.

Overall though I've enjoyed being pregnant. It's such a miracle, to grow another human being - the magnitude of which I have never fully appreciated before now. To think a little person, half me and half J, is almost here is an overwhelming thought. And I am sure it will be a life changing experience like no other.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Finally ... flat shoes I love!

In my constant quest to find a pair of gorgeous flat shoes that are both comfy and on trend - rather than sore to wear and plain black - I spent a glorious half hour in Dune at the weekend trying on every pair they had. Eventually they came up with these ... the most beautiful pair of flat shoes I have ever had the priviliege of owning.

They also had several other pairs of flats, including winter boots, that I now covet greatly. Roll on for the next pay day when I might just treat myself again.

As an aside they also had a very beautiful bag in store that was screaming to be bought - and big enough for me to justify buying as a crossover changing bag for when the baby arrives - but it was priced at £135 (!!!!) and in fact not justifable at all in the current climate of saving for baby so if anyone would like to treat me it looks like this and comes in three colours - I'll take any one you like :)

Friday, 3 September 2010

Smiling through the pain

Sometimes I'm so intent at proving to people that I'm doing ok that I forget to look after myself. And so it was that this week my right foot decided it had had enough. So much so in fact that I had to take Wednesday off work and basically sit doing nothing.

Thankfully that day's rest seems to have done its job and while the foot isn't 100% it's certainly not as painful as it was. The burning sensation comes and goes and while walking on it can feel a bit like walking across a bed of pins it's not unbearable.

As an aside work was manic yesterday and at one point my deputy editor came over looking decidedly stressed out ... we mutally complained a bit, getting the troubles of the day off our chests and as she went to leave she commented ... 'and yet, here you are still with a smile on your face' - that's me, always smiling :)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New audience

A colleague of mine posted a link to this blog on her blog ( - which is infinitely more successful and widely read than mine but she's an fabulous author so that figures! - but I digress - the point is that more readers have come this way as a result.

And, as it's always been my aim for this column to educate and inform, it's great that it's starting to reach a wider audience. So, if you're new here - welcome!

It's also attracted the attention of a young woman who I met many moons ago through what the people in these parts call 'cross-community projects' - ie. they made Protestant and Catholic kids socialise and learn from each other thinking we all hated each other - they couldn't have more wrong by the way but it was a free weekend away and me and my mates where there in seconds.

So we've kept in contact via Facebook over the years and yesterday the mentioned young lady sent me an e-mail, following reading my thoughts on here, asking if I would like to recommend an MS charity that would benefit from a Christmas Day swim she and her mates are doing later this year.

The gesture has really touched me - to the point that when I tell people of her intentions my eyes well up with tears. And even though I'll have a newborn at home over December I'll still be championing her efforts and raising a few ££ for the cause - after all, if she can don a swimsuit in the middle of winter and brave the Atlantic when most people will be opening presents and drinking an early glass of wine then the least I can do is contribute to the fundraising.

I'll be on here reminding you of it nearer the time so keep collecting your pennies in the meantime - it doesn't take long for the pounds to add up!