Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New audience

A colleague of mine posted a link to this blog on her blog ( - which is infinitely more successful and widely read than mine but she's an fabulous author so that figures! - but I digress - the point is that more readers have come this way as a result.

And, as it's always been my aim for this column to educate and inform, it's great that it's starting to reach a wider audience. So, if you're new here - welcome!

It's also attracted the attention of a young woman who I met many moons ago through what the people in these parts call 'cross-community projects' - ie. they made Protestant and Catholic kids socialise and learn from each other thinking we all hated each other - they couldn't have more wrong by the way but it was a free weekend away and me and my mates where there in seconds.

So we've kept in contact via Facebook over the years and yesterday the mentioned young lady sent me an e-mail, following reading my thoughts on here, asking if I would like to recommend an MS charity that would benefit from a Christmas Day swim she and her mates are doing later this year.

The gesture has really touched me - to the point that when I tell people of her intentions my eyes well up with tears. And even though I'll have a newborn at home over December I'll still be championing her efforts and raising a few ££ for the cause - after all, if she can don a swimsuit in the middle of winter and brave the Atlantic when most people will be opening presents and drinking an early glass of wine then the least I can do is contribute to the fundraising.

I'll be on here reminding you of it nearer the time so keep collecting your pennies in the meantime - it doesn't take long for the pounds to add up!

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