Monday, 6 September 2010

Finally ... flat shoes I love!

In my constant quest to find a pair of gorgeous flat shoes that are both comfy and on trend - rather than sore to wear and plain black - I spent a glorious half hour in Dune at the weekend trying on every pair they had. Eventually they came up with these ... the most beautiful pair of flat shoes I have ever had the priviliege of owning.

They also had several other pairs of flats, including winter boots, that I now covet greatly. Roll on for the next pay day when I might just treat myself again.

As an aside they also had a very beautiful bag in store that was screaming to be bought - and big enough for me to justify buying as a crossover changing bag for when the baby arrives - but it was priced at £135 (!!!!) and in fact not justifable at all in the current climate of saving for baby so if anyone would like to treat me it looks like this and comes in three colours - I'll take any one you like :)

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