Sunday, 26 February 2012

Where does the time go?

It's been a month since I last blogged - and it feels like a day. The last few weeks have been so absolutely manic that time has simply passed me by.
And in that time I'm pleased to report that my body has thankfully being playing ball and I seem to be out the other side of the January relapse.
I've also had a review appointment with my consultant neurologist and he was generally positive.
Neurology appointments are funny things, especially for MS patients. The truth is that many of us will keep abreast of research news. We also keep in touch online, and I have found that by the time I see anyone in the medical profession I have already been assured by other MS'ers that what I am going through is normal ... or not!
And this was the case for this appointment, as he did not tell me anything that I didn't really already know.
However, my husband asked if he could give us any sort of idea as to the severity of my MS. He, of course, would not do so. He, and I, both know that the nature of MS is too uncertain for him to hazard a guess at what the future holds.
He did say that I have certain factors on my side. One, I am a woman. Two, I was diagnosed quite young. And three, my symptoms are sensory based rather than motor based.
All of these things are, apparently, a good thing.
Hearing this in the immediate aftermath of a relapse, I was inclined to laugh in his face.
But, for now, I'll take his word for it.

Finally, as the title of this post implies, time has been flying lately - and that also applies as regards my gorgeous daughter who is fast approaching the 16 month mark - eek!! Here she is in her latest cute-as-a-button outfit looking very sweet :)