Thursday, 21 January 2010

Positive thinking is key

In a previous post I mentioned that my attitude during all of my investigations, consequent diagnosis and every day thereafter, has been generally very positive. That's just my way.

From day one, I have never wanted the sympathy or the pity looks, but most importantly, I fully believe that your attitude can have a massive impact on how you certain situations affect your life. It would have been the easy option to feel sorry for myself, put my head in the sand and talk to no-one. Instead, I did the very opposite.

Everyone who knows me, knows I have MS. I find it helps to be open about it, then there's no lies to tell when I'm off to the hospital to see the consultant, there's no pretending to be OK when the pain is excruciating, and most importantly, my family and friends know where I'm coming from.

To say they have been supportive over the last ten months is an understatement. Some just let me rant, allowing me to get whatever it is off my chest, others listen patiently while I try desperately to explain what it is I feel on any particular day, and then there are those who allow me a weak moment, a few tears at the seeming injustice of it all.

But all of them boost me up, allow me to be me, regardless of the MS, and for that I am extremely lucky.

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