Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Going every five minutes ...

Since then I have been placed under the care of a new neurologist. His approach has been much better - and because he wanted a thorough look at me, he started all of the tests from scratch.
However, in the initial stages he didn’t seem too concerned, mainly because I had no new sypmtoms as such. But he did refer me to a continence nurse which was a major help.

Those with MS will understand when I say going to the bathroom was starting to take over my life. I didn’t like going anywhere if I didn’t know where one was and long journeys had started to become a real difficulty. This is because I was going practically every hour, if not more.

Looking back, I had spoken to my GP about the frequency with which I went to the toilet, but he fobbed me off saying everyone was different and I would get used to it. But I now know that this is actually a sign of MS.

Thankfully, my appointment with the nurse has changed how I live my life. She has given me a prescribed drug that regulates the frequency with which I need to go, and to say it has given me back my freedom is not overstating the situation.

Emotionally, the bathroom issues were one of the hardest to deal with. I used to be embarrassed that I was running to the toilet so often and became paranoid that everyone was watching me go all the time.

It was even consuming me so much that my upcoming wedding day started to look like it was going to be taken over with me running to the toilet in my gorgeous gown - and it wasn’t a prospect I was looking forward too. Now, with the tablets working really well, it’s a problem I’m no longer worried about!

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