Monday, 25 January 2010

Not so scary MS guy

So, today was the all-important MS specialist appointment. I was a bit anxious this morning, couldn't really eat (that'll help the diet!), felt on edge etc etc. For some unknown reason I had Mr MS guy boxed away in the scary corner, someone to be feared - but I shouldn't have worried. Yes, he was to-the-point and precise but his straightforward approach was exactly what I wanted - no bullsh**!

Again, there wasn't much more to add to what we already knew. But before we start looking at the drug options I have to have a lumbar puncture done - that's that horrible procedure where they stick a needle into my spinal cord and remove some fluid. That fluid will hold the definite, definite information they need to allow me to go a waiting list for the medication.

It's not something I'm looking forward to, but I understand the need too. Basically the drugs cost money - and whether we like it or not, money makes the world go round - so before they start anyone on them they have to be double sure that there's a need. Thankfully the puncture won't be done until after the wedding - which is now just over five weeks away - eek!

On that note, some of my family and friends took me out for dinner at the weekend, sort of a pre-hen hen do! Was great fun and I wore heels for the first time in twelve weeks - and while my feet burned just a tad, they were bearable - proof that the 'stupid feet' are getting better. Made me nice and tall again too - I've missed height :)

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  1. Yeah - I bet it was a great night. Did someone forget to tell me where it was.....LOL!! xx