Thursday, 4 February 2010

Off to London town

Tomorrow is day one of my hen weekend .... and I can't wait. As I've said before, I have an amazing crowd of friends who are brilliant every day but I know they're pushing the boat out for me this weekend and that means SO much.

There's 19 of us in total hitting London town - I know little about what's happening because my bridesmaids (and my chief in particular - she knows who she is!) have kept it all under wraps which makes it all the more special!!

They've also taken the 'stupid feet' into consideration so hopefully I'll be able to enjoy everything without much problem. To be honest I'm going to try and completely forget about MS for a while - not just this weekend but for the next two months, through my wedding day and honeymoon - and hope that it doesn't make me remember.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Hello sweetheart,
    Your dad just emailed me the link to your blog and I owe him a fiver as I have laughed and wept in equal measures. Now weeping as I leave you a comment and wait for Eamon McCann to come in to my office for a meeting - I'm helping him out during his upcoming election campaign! Most of what I want to say I probably won't because it might sound patronising and I'm too emotional. This blog is a great idea and as you know I have always supported and applauded your writng skills. I see it as one of the many gifts you possess and know it will take you somewhere bright and shiney in the future. How you write of your friends.... they indeed love you but sure you're easily loved.
    I am really looking forward to your wedding and celebrating your fine romance with you. Sure haven't I been around for most of the frogs you kissed!! You have found your prince and that makes me very happy. Corney I know but I say it like I see it. I don't doubt you will have many happy years ahead of you and I don't doubt you have the right man by your side.
    I won't make the wedding shower as we are gigging that night but I will see you before the wedding. I am giving you and Joe some money and have tried to come up with something more personal and the only thing I can offer is a song. I am recording a song that is important to me and I hope you and Joe will like it. It should be able to say all the things I cannot. There will only be one copy of it. Now missey I won't be able to tell you this week or next in person how much I love you but I so want you to know.
    Right that's the hearts and flowers out of the way - bring on the wedding. I know you will be beautiful, I'm dying to see the dress, meet your friends and Joe's family. I'm not driving and intend to have more than a few lemonades!! So be prepared for your mother's oldest (not oldest - oldest...maybe)? friend to show herself up!!

  2. Oh dear - I thought that would be private!! Whoops. Delete it if you like, I'm easy now that it's up there. xxx