Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I blame 'brain fog'

The big hen do extravaganza - as my chief bridesmaid called it - is now officially over. Technically it was over on Sunday but with all the reminiscing and chat it sort of only feels as though it ended today!
It was one hell of a weekend - completely amazing and totally unforgettable - but not without its traumas either.

To start with, I left my handbag on the plane - with my phone and purse safely tucked away inside it. And while I said I wasn't going to mention MS through the preparations and wedding itself, I feel I sort have to here.
Reason being, I think MS is to blame! Honestly, there's a thing out there that MS people call 'brain fog' and I completely 100% believe that it is 'brain fog' that has me forgetting stuff and leaving things behind me.

Once I discovered the loss I missed a heart beat, followed by a mad dash to an airport telephone where a lady on the end said she could do nothing to help me - typical. The woman at the easyjet desk was even less helpful, with her aggressive 'arms across the chest' stance and withering look.
So, once I realised there was nothing I could do, I accepted my fate and rounded up the rest of the posse to catch the train.

A year ago this sort of fiasco would have had me reduced to a blubbering mess, frustrated at my inability to look after myself. This year, I have a new approach. I couldn't fix it and the withering lady wouldn't help, so I got on with it, not a tear to be seen. My late grandmother used to say, 'Don't cry over what money can buy' - and never before have I taken her advice so literally.

The weekend was just about to start .... and those stories will be posted later, promise.

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