Monday, 25 April 2011

Linking up with other MS-ers

As something a touch more light-hearted than the last few posts I'm posting a little 'meme' I was asked to complete for the MS support site They are re-launching their website in coming months and I am delighted to be asked to feature as part of their 'blogs we love' list.

The site was only set up a few years ago by a MS patient who wanted to create a place for younger MS patients to 'meet' one another. It's a brilliant resource, especially for those just diagnosed, and I sincerely hope that some of my experiences could maybe help someone else.

Anyway, the 'meme' goes as follows - and it took me quite a while to complete. Maybe if you get a chance you could do the same and post your answers below ... I would love to see what you come up with :)

I don't know:
how... to whistle and it bugs the hell out of me!

what... is around the corner but I'm willing to give anything and anyone a chance

why... I was 'chosen' to have MS but it's not something that defines me, it's just a part of me I have to manage

who... I would choose as my all time favourite author, there are too many to choose from

where... the walk of life is taking me but it has been an interesting journey so far

if... I could be me without my husband by my side - it's corny but he honestly makes me complete

anything... about politics so I leave that side of newspaper reporting to my colleagues that do

But I DO know this: Life is a breeze if you surround yourself with lovely people and remember to smile (a lot!)

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  1. Love your outlook and enjoy reading your blog. You write very well, very easy to read.