Tuesday, 26 April 2011

30 day blogging challenge

I think I may be mad but I've signed up to take part in a 30 day blogging challenge. The idea is simple - I get sent a topic to blog about every day for 30 days and hey presto, I write.

Now that may seem like an easy task but I'm already guessing I may run behind schedule - especially with Charlotte taking up so much of my time at the minute. BUT, I really love writing on here and I'm hoping it will broaden my horizons about what I actually talk about.

So, wish me luck .... here goes!


  1. where do you sign up for the 30 day challenge?? i would be interested in doing something like that!! sounds fun

    hope you are feeling well... funny how we mark good days and bad days differently with the MS beast lurking....

  2. Hey Sherri ...

    You can get info from this site ... http://www.nikkipilkington.com/ ... it's free at the minute so go quick :)

    What's your blog address and I'll follow your posts as I plough through mine

  3. my blog is http://www.sherristakes.com

    thanks for the linkup for the challenge...going over there right now!!