Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lift off

The first two weeks on Rebif are now over and the verdict is in. Started on a smaller dose than expected - just 8.8mcg every day - but the aim is still to be up at 44mcg by the start of week four.

The first day was weird because they suggest you take no painkillers at all so I could assess the side effects properly. So basically I sat around all day waiting for something to happen. Every twinge made me question my own body and it eventually transpired that the only obvious side effect was a persisent ache in my bones - like the kind you get when you have a proper flu.

So the plan from here on in is to take a few painkillers about an hour after the injection so it kicks in before the aches.

The actual injection itself isn't so bad. It does take a wee touch longer than I expected. The needle goes in and you have to hold the machine on the skin while the drug is administered before the needle is then retracted again. But it's nothing I can't get used to.

I've read some other MS patients' thoughts and there is a train of thought that you will find a site that you least prefer. Already I find myself not liking the stomach area but you have to rotate so I've been employing the help of my husband and getting on with it.

Today marks the start of week three and a huge increase up to 22mcg every injection so I'm hoping my body plays ball and the side effects don't get worse.

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