Friday, 4 May 2012

Talking 'live'

What a day! Had the privilege of speaking on our local BBC radio station this afternoon, Radio Foyle, promoting MS Awareness Week. My husband is a news broadcast journalist by trade and I honestly don't know how he goes on live radio every day for his work.
I was SO nervous. And not just because I had to speak live, but because I felt that I was a 'voice' for MS for a while ... and with everyone coping with the illness in their own personal way, I felt a duty to do everyone service.
In the end, the presenter, Mark Patterson made me feel very at ease very quickly. I think the interview went well. I simply focused on how MS affects me, and didn't try to be a 'voice' for everyone ... just a voice for me.
I hope that anyone listening got a small insight into what MS is and how it can affect life. I also hope that I did sound positive because as hard as a diagnosis of MS can be, there is so much good to come of it too.
If anyone fancies a listen you can catch me talking at this link ... 63mins in ...


  1. I will give it a listen! You inspire me! Its good to have a voice because, maybe if you help just one person that is really enough! Blessings xo Olivia

  2. Wow! You are brave...I would have died of nerves:) Congrats

  3. Thanks girls ... great to hear words of support xx