Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Educating and explaining

As part of MS Awareness Week 2012, the team over at the MS Society have put together a series of three videos.
They are an attempt at trying to explain to people exactly what it is like to live with the illness. I personally identify with the 'Wellie challenge' one. But all three are a brilliant interpretation of how MS can impact on a person's life.
I constantly try to educate those around me about Multiple Sclerosis. Although it can be hard to not sound 'moaning', or repetitive.
And believe me, there are days when I sound like a moaner to myself, never mind those listening to me.
But in recent times I have found I can 'give off' for a few minutes, shed a quick tear, and then move on pretty quickly. It's my way of coping. Get it off my chest and then talk about something else.
Anyway, if you have five minutes, you can watch all three of the videos over at www.msfightback.org.uk.

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