Thursday, 3 May 2012

Raising money and awareness

A week of baking has me absolutely knackered so today's post will be short and sweet!
First up, my efforts have not been in vain because I raised a whopping £100 at my Cake Break at work this morning.
I also managed to sell a measly 8 buns for £20 at my husband's work, and because I can't bear the shame of it, have baked a further two dozen buns for them tomorrow.
Tomorrow also brings a new challenge with it because I am going to talk on our local radio station, BBC Radio Foyle, about MS and how it affects my life.
I'm hoping my positivity will shine through the medical jargon and that I can help get some really important information out there about the illness.
But deep down I'm really nervous. I generally have a tendency to talk too quickly so I'll be trying to slow down while making sense ... Agghh, the very thought of it scares me silly.
If you're a local then I'll be on just after the 2pm news bulletin. Listen in and then tell me I sounded ok ... Even if I don't!


  1. Just caught your interview on Radio Foyle. You sound like such an amazing person, a real inspiration to people. Keep it up girl!!

  2. Thanks so much Pinky ... I hope you enjoy the blog too :)

  3. excellent interview Catherine keep up the good work