Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cake baking for a break

One of the fundraising ideas dreamed up by the MS Society is the annual Cake Break.
It takes place in MS Awareness Week every year and while Friday is this year's official Cake Break, I'm doing it one day early at work tomorrow.
I've rustled up 60 cupcakes and, with my mum's help, have iced every one. I'm hoping they're something a bit more glamorous than the usual 'buns' my colleagues indulge in for their tea break - and as such, raise a good few pennies for the MS Society locally.
Baking is something that I do to calm me down. It's a therapeutic pasttime, with a delicious outcome at the end, which always helps.
And it may sound silly but I take great pleasure in the fact that it's something I am still able to 'do'. Sometimes it tires me out after making a dozen, and on other days the thought of even having to lift out the mixer is enough to put me off, yet there are days, like today, when I can rustle up five dozen in an hour.
It's a lovely boost to have the knowledge that, despite the darker days and amid the relapses, that there WILL eventually be a point when I can still make a few cakes.
Thankfully, this week is one of those times and I'm proud to be taking part in the Cake Break.
There's still time to take part so if you fancy rustling up a few sweet treats and selling them to your family, friends and colleagues then there's no doubt that the MS Society will be very grateful of the money!

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