Saturday, 8 June 2013

The end is in sight

All in all, it feels as though this pregnancy has gone fairly quickly but now that I am officially off on maternity leave the days are going very slowly. The anticipation of meeting our next baby is killing me and I think not knowing what we're having is making me all the more impatient! 
It has been a straightforward run up to now, with only minor pregnancy niggles here and there. But this last four weeks or so have been slightly tougher than I remember from my first pregnancy.
Sleep is near on impossible and I have commented a few times that bedtime is torture rather than a welcome rest. This is because my left sciatic nerve plays up, and those horrible leg cramps are still bothering me.
So if baby makes an appearance a few days before its due date I will be so thankful.
This wee one also seems to kick a lot more and I have been getting Braxton Hicks from 26 weeks, and lots of them. I have to admit, I am so used to them now, and they can be painful enough, that I am starting to wonder if I'll know when the real ones start. My waters broke with Charlotte so it was hard to confuse the start of labour and I'm sort of hoping that happens again otherwise I may ignore the early signs of labour.
My iron levels are also low this time round so I have been given extra tablets to take but it's not something that's overly concerning me.
Otherwise, I have been nesting a good bit. We have had the painter in freshening up the conservatory, kitchen and living room, as well as new furniture delivered for the conservatory. And I am spying small spaces at every turn that 'need' cleaned immediately! 
Of course, I also have Charlotte to worry about this time round too. She is generally very easy going but since I finished work she has had an ear, throat and chest infection and she doesn't do being sick very well. So it's been a long week! 
On another level I think she is also very aware that this baby is coming very soon. She talks all the time about her 'wee baby' and how it's going to be 'so cute' which is brilliant as I know she's ready to be a big sister but there's no denying that she also recognises that mummy might not just be as available as she normally is.
Her routine is also all over the place as she isn't used to me being at home every day. My mum is brilliant with her & they have this wonderful bond already. And I think she is missing her one-on-one days with nanny.  She told me yesterday, 'When you and daddy go to work, and grandad is not there, I will stay with my nanny" ... proof, if we needed it, that she cherishes their days together. So, both she and I are looking forward to them getting some time on their own next week.
I am mostly looking forward to putting my feet up for a few hours ... if I can ignore the urge to sort the hot press or clean the inside of the dishwasher!

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