Thursday, 23 June 2011

Born This Way ...

... as in, the Lady Gaga song.
I can't get it out of my head this week, and Charlotte is probably sick of hearing me sing it, but it has got me thinking.
Was I born with MS mapped out in my DNA, or is it something I have had the unfortunate fate of getting later in life?
It has to be said though, with no answer forthcoming, I'm happy enough to face it head on regardless. The real question is, would I have lived my life up to diagnosis differently if I had known Multiple Sclerosis was around the corner.
Put simply, probably not. Some would think I would have looked after myself better, got lots of Vitamin D, ate less saturated fat (not because they say this helps people with MS, just because it would help my mid-rif!) and maybe drank a lot less wine - but in actual fact, if anything I would have done the opposite.
If I had known I was going to have MS at 27 I would have travelled extensively, been more spontaneous, and cared a hell of lot less about what people thought of me over the years.
Since I didn't have the benefit of hindsight I'm still pretty satisfied of how I spent my days pre-MS - laughing, dancing, drinking, all surrounded with friends and family - but most significantly, I had the fortune to meet my husband before I became 'Catherine who has MS'.
I mention this because I know some people with MS have talked about how hard it can be to meet someone post-diagnosis - telling them, when to tell them, what to tell them - and I'm so blessed to know that J fell in love with me - the woman born just the way I am now, just without the label of MS.
After all, I'm still laughing, dancing and drinking with my family and friends - nothing has fundamentally changed, I just face the world a little bit differently.


  1. This post speaks so strongly to me. I was 27 and 28 when I was diagnosed with my conditions and at times I do wish I'd done things so much differently before I got ill.

    I'm faced with the issue of trying to meet someone now and it's utterly terrifying. Going back to uni and meeting people and trying to make friends has been hard enough, the idea of trying to find a partner still feels like a step further than I can take yet.

  2. Hello, Just found you today, will be interested to leanr more about you and MS in time. Glad you look backa nd feel you lived a good life pre diagnosis and that you sound as if the fun and love is still there.

    Mich x

  3. I just found you at the CCSVI web site. I am glad that you are still laughing. I have been blessed with hubs for many many years, after 30 years of MS.

  4. Jenni, thanks for taking the time to comment, you have been so brave already going back to uni & putting yourself out there to meet new friends. Keep being you & a romance will surely follow - after all, you want anyone who will become your partner to love ALL of you xx

    Mich & Kim, lovely to hear your comments too, I hope you are enjoying my writing :)