Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sign up now!

To mark MS Week the MS Society are urging everyone who has MS to sign up to the MS Register. It aims to track everyone across the UK who has the condition, thus giving health providers, and the government, a better idea of the numbers who have MS and how it affects their mental wellbeing and daily life in general.

I signed up 15 minutes ago and it honestly takes ten minutes to do. It's such a fantastic idea I am aghast that no-one has thought of it before. After all, if the health trusts and government don't realise the extent to which MS infiltrates every corner of this small country then they have no idea of the resources and funds needed to cope with it.

So please, if you're an MSer living in the UK then take ten minutes to fill it in ... then we can all say we did our best to let them that hold the purse strings know just how big of an impact MS is having on our population.

And to make it easy I'll even give you the website address ... http://www.ukmsregister.org/ Now go do your bit (said with a bright smile and not a bossy tone)!

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