Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fifteen minutes of fame

MS Week for 2011 will get off to a start in just over two weeks - from Monday 23rd-Sunday 29th May - and this year the MS Society has undertaken a campaign to 'Get MS on the map'. As part of that campaign they are setting up video booths across the country where MS patients can tell their story. These stories will then be uploaded to a website - - and the idea is simple, share your story and let people know how we cope and live with MS.
Now, I've gone one further - the day on which I went into labour with Charlotte two lovely film-makers from the MS Society travelled over from London to film me for a series of pieces which will be integrated into the MS Society website. Initially I was to speak about being newly diagnosed and how I coped with the news. But because I was pregnant I also spoke a little about my decision to have children and how the pregnancy had gone.
Those videos will go live during MS Week - and I'll let you know where you can see them then. But for now, some of the material they filmed has been used in the campaign video for the Map MS website and I've posted it below if you want to watch!
Can I just put a little disclaimer - put it down to vanity - but my waters literally broke three hours after they left so I'm VERY pregnant looking so please excuse the bloated look I'm sporting :)

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