Friday, 25 February 2011

The news is in

I can hardly believe I'm writing this but .... the funding has been approved for my MS drugs. The news came yesterday morning and the call took me completely by surprise. When my MS nurse said hello I expected her to continue with, 'sorry to tell you this but it looks like you may have to wait a while longer for your disease modifying drugs'. Instead she said, 'Thankfully the funding issues regarding DMDs have been resolved and the good news is you're top of the list'.

I then phoned my husband and promptly burst into tears. I was simply overwhelmed. Taking these drugs is something that I've been thinking about for the best part of a year and now that it's finally here I didn't know what to think.

I'm so delighted to be given such a chance at beating MS but there's no doubt that I'm also a bit scared about the whole process. I guess if they were handing me some tablets to swallow I wouldn't think twice about it but because I will have to inject myself it seems like a much bigger deal.

But when I texted a friend to share the news she made three brilliant points.
First off she said, 'oh god, that's amazing' - and it IS amazing, I can't let myself forget that. Secondly she said, 'You've dealt with far worse' - and that just centred me immediately; made me realise that this is not the worst thing to happen to me. It is, in fact, exactly as she said next, 'an opportunity'. Finally, and most importantly, she said, 'Think how u would feel if someone rang now and said you hadn't got it. You would be gutted'.

Never have truer words been spoken because if they had denied me that chance I would be on here now giving off bucketfuls. Instead, I am announcing BRILLIANT news, news that will hopefully keep me well for longer, and there is no better news than that!

I now just have to decide which of the four options available will fit into my lifestyle the easiest so I've arranged a meeting with my MS nurse next week to talk through the various drugs and hopefully once that decision is made it will be full steam ahead.

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