Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Adult company

Having Charlotte has certainly given my life a whole new twist, and more importantly, meaning. But, while I love her with all of my heart, I am also, strangely, looking forward to going back to work.

A newspaper office is a very stimulating environment. Yes, it's stressful constantly working to deadline, but it gets my brain going and at the minute all I seem to do is work out when Charlotte had her last bottle and sing the latest nursery rhymes!

So it's no wonder I am starting to crave a proper conversation. That said, I'm not due back until the end of July so it may be that by the time it rolls around the last thing I will want to do is leave Charlotte with someone else all day.

However, I only work a three day week - a decision I took when the fatigue side of MS was playing havoc with my work/life balance - so going back doesn't feel like it will be such a wrench.

In the meantime I try really hard to meet friends and family a couple of days a week to make sure I don't forget how to hold a conversation. And, in an effort to get some quality 'me' time squeezed in I have just booked a lovely overnight stay in a luxury hotel with my bestest friends - now there's a way to get the conversation going :)

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