Monday, 2 August 2010

The new abode

The big house move is now complete and it’s amazing. We’re out in the country in our own wee patch of paradise and I swear the new atmosphere is a tonic for my mood.

Every day I race home from work – inside the speed limit of course – and an impulsive smile crosses my face as I pull into our drive – especially if my husband is there before me! It’s a whole new era for us as a couple and a complete lifestyle change too. And I never thought a house could become a home so quickly.

We have all our photos up, the painter is in giving the rooms a fresh lick of paint and we’ve had a constant stream of guests up to see us settled. I love having my family and friends around me and the new house is simply made for entertaining.

That said, I have this tendency to go at a project full pelt and not stop until everything is exactly how I want it but that was the old me, pre-MS, and the new me, with-MS, needs to slow down – mainly because my feet are feeling the pinch. But I’m learning more about my limitations every day and forcing myself to curl up in our new conservatory looking out across the hills isn’t exactly a hardship!

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