Friday, 16 July 2010

Time for celebration

This wonderful city in which I have the huge privilege of calling home has been named as the first ever UK City of Culture - and it's a title I feel we, as locals, richly deserve. Derry is steeped in culture - artists, writers, actors, singers, poets are in abundance - and with our past history seemingly overshadowing everything that is good about us lifting this title is a momentous day in which we can now move forward with a renewed sense of hope and expectation.

If you're still doubting our greatness then this fantastic video showcasing the city will surely make up your mind - and maybe encourage you to come and visit - if not in 2013 then sometime in the future. I guarantee you will be taken aback by the welcome and generosity of everyone who lives here.


  1. I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Derry had been chosen and delighted that the announcement was made in my old home town of Liverpool.

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