Friday, 17 August 2012

Getting up and at it

There's no denying that my blog has been taking a backseat in recent weeks. A relapse simply takes over. And then I always find that once it's away, leaving me alone, that I am so focused on getting myself back on my feet that there is room for nothing bar getting myself up and out! 
More than that, when I feel better I spend every waking minute I have simply enjoying life. 
There are two arguments in this regard. The first is that you do as I do, make the most of feeling good and go 'hell for leather',
The second is that you conserve your energy, basically reserving funds for when the next relapse strikes ... and that taking things easy prevents one in the first place.
Of course no-one quite knows if either argument is better than the other so in essence no-one is 'right' but for me personally, taking the second route would be very difficult.
When I have energy, I use it. Whether that be taking Charlotte for a walk, baking some cakes or going away for the day as a family, then I want to enjoy life as best I can, when I can.
Family and friends are constantly telling me to rest and sit still, but honestly, you can't teach an old dog new tricks! 
So, as I am feeling relatively 'well' these last few weeks, Joe and I have decided to host a charity night at our home, complete with a marquee, live bands, a raffle, lots of food, plenty to drink and a bucket-load of fun :) 
It has all been organised in the last two weeks and takes place next Saturday, so it's all come together in less than three weeks! And I have to say, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people so far.
For starters, the bands that are playing are giving their time for free. The marquee has been provided by a colleague of Joe's. And the raffle prize list is so long it would take me all day to list them, but they include meals out, cinema tickets, hair and beauty vouchers, bottles of drink, an artist print and signed books by Irish authors, including Marian Keyes! 
Next weekend is going to be a busy one, cooking up a storm and entertaining but it will all be worth it once the final figures are counted up and we can donate much needed funds to two Northern Irish MS charities .. MS Society Foyle, which is my local MS Society branch, and Race Against MS (RAMS), which is outside Belfast, and where I go for hyperbaric oxygen treatment (a holistic approach which I feel gives me a boost).
Both charities do outstanding work, and the staff work tirelessly to help those diagnosed with what can be a very scary chronic condition. 
I'm so delighted to be finally giving something back. All I wish for now is some decent weather for the night itself! Wish me luck. 


  1. I have had a life long battle of 'rest or push' myself....we do have to listen to our bodies, I guess
    ps. I know it is easy to delete a comment:)

  2. Oh wow lady- you don't do things by halves! Sounds like its going to be a great night- do try and rest a little just so that you can properly enjoy it!