Friday, 7 May 2010

Every penny counts

It's May, the sun should be shining and spring should be in the air. Not so. Instead it's pretending to be sunny with a hint of blue peeking through the clouds and it's absolutely freezing! I know all about it because I spent two hours this morning shaking my collection thingy outside the local shopping centre, trying to raise a few pennies for the local MS Society branch, and mum and I realised too late that we should really have been wearing gloves.

But it went ok. We stood together, having a giggle at the characters that grace Derry streets first thing on a Friday morning, and our boxes were considerably heavy when we finished up so hopefully we've done ok. I have to say though, never again will I walk past a collector. Even if it's just a few pennies, it all adds up and it makes you feel like less of a beggar when people stop for a few seconds.

There's also a considerable feel-good factor to be had from doing your bit for charity. It doesn't take much and it warms the heart to be helping out. And those two hours went much quicker than I had imagined they would so for as long as I'm fit to help out, I will be!

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