Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Focused and hopeful

Lots has been happening recently so I'm going to start with the good stuff. 
Firstly, I went along to the MS information day organised by MS Society Northern Ireland at Titanic Belfast (I'm pictured below on the replica staircase from the ship) - it was a really well put together day, with a hopeful and refreshing talk about research. So much is going on, most of which is funded by the MS Society, and I left feeling that a cure is actually in sight, and possible within my lifetime. 
That blows my mind.
To think that someone somewhere is working on a thought and idea that is going to give people like me a chance to live a life without MS. Incredible.

This day was also really helpful for my mum and aunt, who went with me, and left with a better understanding of the illness. I have been pondering whether I really want to start back on disease-modifying therapies (DMT's) given that they involve injections, again.
I also suffered so much from side effects when taking the last ones that I'm nervous about how the new ones may affect me.
But the research talk made it very clear that treatment of this sort is essential. 
It's simply not an option or something I should be pondering over.
My mum has been, justifiably, worried about me starting again but the talk made her see that I need to start sooner rather than later.
It helps so much when those closest to me understand the process and the decisions I am taking.

And that leads me very well onto the bad stuff.
When I say bad it's not really awful, it's just not lovely either! In short I will be starting back on DMT's next week. 
I've chosen to stay clear of beta-interferons and all of their horrible side effects and instead will be starting on Copaxone. 
The reason I didn't go on it in the first place is that it's a daily injection and that will inevitably impact on my life slightly more than the ones that are only 3 times or once a week.
But it has no side effects bar some redness and irritation around the injection site and I'm hoping I can cope with that quite well.

I've also been suffering with a good bit of pain. My legs in particular ache constantly and my right arm feels as though someone has punched me very hard over and over again. But I am walking fine despite the pain and generally getting on with a hectic life now I have two little ones to look after! 
It's lovely to have people tell me I look so well just 12 weeks after having Lucy but as I always say, 'Never judge a book by its cover'. 
Multiple Sclerosis is frustrating in this way in that most symptoms are invisible and trying to get people understanding the condition can be quite difficult.
I hope if you're reading this that you are slightly better informed :)

As ever, I will try my best to answer any questions so please feel free to comment - or connect with me on Twitter @catdoran


  1. I've been on Copaxone for 13 years. You can do this!

  2. Just reading your blog Catherine, it's so uplifting, can relate to lots of bits ....amazing person x

  3. Thank you Martina, it's comments like yours that keep me writing. I hope you are feeling at the minute