Thursday, 7 October 2010

It'll all be worth it in the end!

Okay, so I've just over five weeks to go and I'm already hoping that I defy the myth of first time mums going late and have this baby early. Not massively early because I, of course, want it to be a good weight - lovely and healthy. But honestly, carrying a baby is hard work.
This week has felt especially hard because the wee mite is doing what it's supposed to and moved head down into my pelvis ready for labour. So, once again, while I'm all chuffed that it's behaving itself and doing as nature intended, it is really starting to hurt.
I have tiny feet pushing up under my ribs at the right, two little fists punching my left side and a head pressing on my bladder - usually all at the same time!
Work today has dragged as I cannot find a single way to get comfortable, and I'm also conscious that this time next week I'll be finishing up - and I'm counting down the hours in anticipation.
Thankfully I held onto some of my holidays so I'm only at my desk for 5 hours next Monday and all of next Thursday, so it should fly by. Then I simply intend to hibernate at home and start nesting - ready for the much-anticipated arrival of our precious bundle of joy.
And once it gets here I'm sure all the aches and pains of recent weeks will simply fade into the background ... and the sleep deprivation will take over instead!!!

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