Tuesday, 20 April 2010

On this day

At the request of my lovely Uncle Tom I'm resuming blog posts with a bit more regularity from here on in .... promise. To start back however I need to go back a bit because I've missed so much out!

Of course, first on the list was our absolutely amazing wedding day. Friday 5th March, 2010 will forever reign high on the list of days I would most love to have all over again. It was, quite simply, amazing.

The day started early as the florist was due at 7.30am, and I rushed straight off the hairdressers for two whole hours of preening. But I was completely calm, not at all nervous and just really excited at the prospect of being J's wife. The morning flew, our house was chaos, but in a good way, and I actually managed to be at the church with ten minutes to spare .... fulfilling a promise I had made to J that would NOT be late ;)

Our service was just beautiful and I only wobbled a little bit at the 'In sickness and in health' part of the vows - obviously those words hold so much more weight now than they would have done twelve months previous - but J gave me a little look, one that only I know translates into a nod that encourages me to be brave, and I was fine. He has been my rock up to now and it's the most wonderful feeling to know I have married my soul mate - someone who I know will support and encourage me no matter what life throws at us.

But enough of the soppy stuff .... the rest of our day went off without a hitch. It was amazing to have everyone we love with us for such an important part of our lives together and it all went so well, making the months of preparation very much worth the saving and compromises along the way.

Yes, my feet didn't hold out too well and I found myself ditching the beautiful white wedding shoes for a battered pair of black pumps once the dancing really kicked off, but I wouldn't have changed it for a minute. You know, to be dancing at all was just fantastic. I maybe should have planned ahead and bought a nice white pair to set the tone but the fact that I didn't sort of sums the day up ... laid back and comfortable!

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